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Thanks for Everything!

UPRacing would like to wish all of our sponsors a massive thank you for the successes of the UPR10 decennial this year. A more personal message will be coming out to you all very soon - along with media coverage of the event.

The team has grown fruitfully this year and we now transition into a new management structure and proceed with post-Silverstone testing where we can iron out the defects found over the long weekend. Unfortunately we forefeited several points on the Endurance event where after just 6km the cooling system fan fuse blew causing engine overheat.

Thankfully the reliability of the Yamaha R6 engine shone through even with coolant temperatures exceeding 135C and no damage was done allowing us to continue testing of all systems.

We look forward to working with you all toward an extremely competitive car this year for the UPR11.

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