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Military Style Team Building

To help develop leadership and teamwork between our members it was decided to look to Military Mentors, a company who are staffed by ex-service men and women whom share some of their experiences and give groups of ordinary people (if you can call UPRacing members that) the opportunity to put their skills to the test over a variety of activities.

The event started with the group being split into two competing teams, imaginatively named red and green after our bib colour, and whom would remain in contest for the afternoon. The first activity was a drill competition, which was a good way to ease everyone into the upcoming tasks and begin to work together as a team.

The next few following tasks were command and follow style exercises where, although outside, relied more on our ability to work together and follow instructions than physicality and out muscling the opposing line-up. These included; giant skies, the floor is lava, transporting a ball using length of drain pipe, team tire flip and dress the soldier.

Continuing the outside theme, we moved towards 2 space hoppers which were placed side by side on what was clearly a start/finish line. The faces of the attending UPRacing member’s, being responsible adults, immediately lit up as ensuing task was made clear. A relay race between both teams was to transpire with only the fastest team hopping to victory. The intensity in the eyes of both teams was something not seen since Silverstone last year, and was evident in the very competitive race which followed. After all the fitness, developed at pubs around was Portsmouth, was displayed, everyone was happy to see the next activity could be done sat down.

We then played our own version of “Would I lie to you”, which was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other that little bit better. After some very interesting facts had been shared between us all we moved back outside, and to our delight, to even more space hoppers. This time we were to play a space hopper version of football, the football in this case was replaced with a giant exercise ball, which in a strong side wind was interesting to say the least; with many tops, tumbles and many exercise ball glancing blows, all of which added up to lots of fun for all. This was our final exercise and led to the green team being named victors of the afternoon’s competition.

All the competitiveness seen in the afternoon put behind us we all headed for a celebratory McDonalds and pub session to fill in the unfortunate UPRacing members whom were unable to attend.

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