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Christmas Meal

On Monday 4th December, our team got together for our annual Christmas meal. This year we chose Tiger Tiger, in Gunwharf Quays, as our venue. The event was both a chance for us to relax after working hard on the car, and build up our relationships with each other. Before we sat down for our 3-course meal everyone grabbed a drink and had a chat in the lobby, giving the new team members a chance to get to know the veteran team members. As we sat down for the meal, we were kindly given crackers which provided us with our festive paper hats and unfunny jokes; which we shared around while we ate our delicious food. It wouldn't be a true Christmas meal without pretending to be elated to receive minuscule nail clippers or a plastic mood fish, from our crackers, and telling jokes that make everyone cringe at their awfulness. After eating we had our own mini award ceremony, with the awards being wooden spoons with the winners’ name written on them in sharpie. Although the trophies themselves were not much to behold the award names were where the real genius lay. The titles being of a tongue in cheek nature, with reference to previous socials and antics, which were graciously received by all. Once the ceremony had concluded we moved to a large booth, that had been booked, for the team to enjoy a last “few” drinks before the night ended. Overall it was a very successful night where the team got to relax and wind down after a tough term working on the car. It was also fantastic to have the team all together for a meal before the holidays.

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